High induction wall diffusers

The INDULSNAP high induction linear wall diffusers guarantee uniform, high-performance air distribution. They are available in supply or exhaust only versions, or in combined versions for both supply and exhaust. The diffuser element is 20 or 45mm wide and is made in extruded anodised aluminium with an outer frame. The highly efficient plenums, are designed from sound-absorbing material to avoid acoustic bridging.

Many offices today are designed without false ceilings. This architectural trend means reduced storey heights, which enables buildings to be designed with more storeys for the same overall building height.
A solution for this type of environment is the INDULSNAP linear diffuser, suitable for installation in dividing walls, whose plenums can be installed directly inside the partitions without the need to take up any corridor space, and, since they are designed with sound-absorbing material, they are extremely effective against acoustic bridging.
The aluminium diffuser is composed of aerodynamically shaped blades, which split the supply airflow into numerous slim jets of air. These blades can be adjusted to match the specific geometry of the environment itself. The INDULSNAP wall diffuser can achieve current-free airflows in rooms measuring a maximum 7 metres deep and up to 6 air exchanges per hour. The temperature differential ΔT can be up to -8 K.

Air flow rate:

  • with diffuser V24 from 65m³/hm to 130m³/hm
  • with diffuser V45 from 100m³/hm to 250m³/hm

The active part of the diffuser can be installed after the wall has been built using snap-fitting clips.


  • High comfort;
  • Tangential flow with optimum distribution in rooms of a maximum 7 metres deep.;
  • Available for air supply only or for combination air supply and exhaust.;
  • Air exchange rating from 1 to 6 vol/h.;
  • Temperature differential ΔT equal to -8 K.;
  • Attenuation of inlet air ≥ 34 dB between 120 and 8000 Hz.
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