The under-chair or foot of chair diffusers are designed to diffuse the air in theatres, auditoriums and cinema screens where maximum thermal and acoustic performance is required.

The system emits air, provided by the air-conditioning unit, directly from the bottom of the chair, generating a micro-climate effect around it.
It works by emitting primary air from the base of the cylindrical unit, inside which there is a (static) swirl effect diffuser that makes the air change direction thus channelling it through the perforated cylinder wall; this air movement creates a depression in the centre of the diffuser where there is an inverted cone that draws air from the environment and mixes it with the primary air.
This then generates a pre-mixed flow of air that is distributed across the entire perforated surface before being emitted into the environment at a temperature around 1-2°C lower than the ambient temperature.
The under-chair diffusers operate with a temperature differential between the primary and ambient air of between 5 and 7 K.
The nominal air flow of each diffuser is between 30 and 70m³/h with a noise level of 15 dB(A) at a flow rate of 40m³/h.

  • Maximum comfort in the occupied zone;
  • Reduced noise;
  • Reduced airflow rate of the system;
  • Quick implementation.
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