BIM Revit

Inspiring you to engage your mind

Everyone’s talking about BIM design, the acronym for Building Information Modelling.
Here at SagiCofim we have an alternative interpretation of these initials: “Big Improvements Matter”.

It’s with this aim in mind that we have approached integrated design, introducing products such as our Revit families and investing not only in artificial intelligence, but above all in human intelligence, using our decades of expertise as a valuable resource. After an in-depth analysis of the market situation, both in Italy and internationally, and talking to users of these families, whether they’re design studios or direct clients, pharmaceutical companies or hospitals, we have developed a comprehensive library of effective SagiCofim products that can be easily imported into the most complex projects.

It’s our mission to provide you with a wealth of information, in particular on performance and parameterisation. We are committed to supplying families of products that can be used in every phase of a project, from construction to execution, right up to Facility Management.




The result of this process has been the development of SRP (SagiCofim Revit Plugin). This resource will support and guide you in making the correct choice through a step-by-step process. Using selection parameters, you’ll identify the most suitable components for your project, ensuring that the latest information on our components is always available. In addition to the significant potential of our software, our priority is to create closer relationships with our clients. This means we’ll be your optimum partner, developing technological solutions perfectly customised to your needs.

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