“Osservatorio Medico”, Gennaio 2017

The strong social and emotional impact stirred up from the high number of infections acquired in hospital, that every year afflict thousands of patients, is leading to a growing sensibility towards the research of more appropriate solutions, to reduce the size of an issue which has huge social, economic and ethic repercussions.

In this field Sagicofim, has been playing a primary role over the years in developing solutions for critical hospital applications, such as operating theatres and isolation rooms, suitable to achieve the maximum air cleaning levels required from strict international standards, and keep them.

Proudly we had the opportunity to publish an interview on “Osservatorio Medico”, tabloid distributed with main national newspapers, to spread the knowledge of this topic and to highlight the availability of solutions that, together with a proper behaviour of medical staff, can effectively reduce the incidence of infections in hospital environment.

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