Square silencers

RAS silencers are used in aeraulic systems to reduce the noise generated by fans and carried along by the airflow.

They have galvanised steel casings, with perimeter flanges drilled in all four corners and contain noise absorption panels, sized accordingly and of a thickness that will depend on the noise requirements, made from a galvanised steel frame enclosing mineral fibre panels coated with a glass veil, inflammable with reaction to fire class A1. The panels have aerodynamic edges on the air intake side, to ensure lower pressure drops.

This is the only range of silencers available in 18 different models, with units from 275 to 700 mm and ranging in length from 600 to 3000 mm.

The RAS range of silencers have high acoustic performance, high quality construction and low pressure drops; all models have aerodynamic edges on the air intake side of the panels to reduce airflow resistance and keep noise regeneration to a minimum.
The sound-absorbing panels are made from non-combustible mineral fibre with high noise absorption properties; the standard version is coated with a reinforced glass veil. The RAS-LF version, however, is made with panels that are protected by a perforated plate. They are housed between the galvanised sheet steel supporting frames, attached to the surface of the structure. The silencers have flanges at both ends to help with attaching them to the air ducts. Special versions of the silencers are available with perforated plates and protective polyester membrane (HOSP suffix) for special applications (e.g. Hospitals, food and electronics industries).
An AIR TIGHT version is also available, which is sealed along the flanges, corners and longitudinal joints.

RAS silencers are used in air-conditioning and ventilation systems to reduce the noise generated by fans and carried along by the airflow.
They are suitable for use in civil, industrial and bespoke systems and provide high levels of noise abatement.

RAS silencers are most commonly installed in ventilation ducts, with horizontal or vertical airflows (VERT version on request).
They are mounted using the flanges that the silencer comes with, which are attached to those of the duct.
The position of the silencer must be carefully evaluated to ensure no noise is returned into the duct downstream of the silencer itself.

  • The only panels on the market available in different thicknesses and arrangements to guarantee “made to measure” acoustic performance;
  • Non-combustible mineral fibre panels, protected by a reinforced glass coating; all classified as Euroclass A1 pursuant to UNI EN 13501-1;
  • All the panels are fitted as standard with aerodynamic edges on the air intake side;
  • Acoustic parameters defined using calculation of self-generated noise levels;
  • Our silencers generate lower pressure drops at the same specific flow rates (m³/h to m²);
  • Our silencers guarantee a reduced front surface area with the same pressure drop;
  • Bespoke versions for different applications such as: AIR TIGHT (airtight model), HOSP (contaminationcontrolled environments), VERT (vertical installation);
  • Bespoke sizes, custom design, corner configurations.
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