Inertial filters
  • Suitable in environments with high dust concentration
  • Optimum efficiency over a wide range of particle sizes
  • Self-cleaning
  • Unlimited service life


Inertial separation is an excellent pre-filtration system, particularly suitable in environments with high dust concentration as desert areas, mines, steel and foundry factories, cement industries.
This filtration system is based on the principle of conservation of kinetic energy by the airborne dust particles. Thanks to a series of quick changes in direction, while the clean airflow is being employed in the process, through inertia the particles continue moving in a straight line till they eventually reach the unloading hopper. There, thanks to a small volume of air handled by a bleed fan (around 10% of the total inlet air volume), the particles are exhausted outside.
Obviously, the higher the mass of the particles handled and the speed through which they are transported, the higher the efficiency of an inertia filter. In any case the filtering system efficiency is based on the bleed fan correct operation.


The principles of separation are shown in Fig. 1.
Separation relies upon the ability of air to follow the path through the separator vanes from area (1) to area (2), while the bulk of the dust is precipitated along path M due to its kinetic energy. This effect is enhanced by suction in area (3) by the use of a scavenge or bleed fan.

  • The appropriate constructive material avoids abrasion by the airborne dust particles
  • Developed to guarantee maximum efficiency over a wide range of particle sizes
  • Being self-cleaning, inertia filters have unlimited service life
  • Product features customizable according to customer’s requirements
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